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We are DeTectUs, the SensUs team of the Technical University of Denmark. Members of our group come from different countries and fields of study but we all share the same vision: We believe that biosensors can make current healthcare practices even better!
That is the ideal that keeps us motivated and the change that we want be part of!
Our team is highly multidisciplinary, consisting of both bachelor and master students within the fields of Physics and Nanotechnology, Pharmatechnology, Biotechnology, Electrical Engineering and Management Engineering.
Throughout the semester we worked hard to design a sensor system, which will reduce the inconveniences of hospitalization for both healthcare professionals and patients in infectious disease care. The aim was to create a biosensor with the potential of replacing current laboratory practices in hospitals, for the measurement of vancomycin levels in patient blood samples. The bar was set high and we knew that in order to out-compete current practices we must build a highly innovative set-up, overcoming the shortcomings of present methods. Hence we decided to make all system components from scratch, while working towards common goals; creating a rapid, highly sensitive and selective measurement set-up, which can be easily portable and operable. The journey was long and cumbersome but with the help of our supervisors, the device that we only dreamed of in the beginning came to reality. With custom-made components specifically designed for the current purpose, we are proud to say that we have filed a patent application for our set-up, supported by our university.

  • Sample Volume
  • Time To Result
  • Correlation Scatter
  • Dose Response
Contact info

Winnie Edith Svendsen
Supervising professor, Technical University of Denmark

Annette Holek
Team management supervisor, Technical University of Denmark

Zsófia Szathmáry
Representative team member

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