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We are an interdisciplinary team composed of individuals from a multitude of distinct and impressive backgrounds. Our expertise spans a wide range of fields including Biology, Information Technology, Engineering and Physics. It is via our ambitious work that we will be able to bridge all these fields together into one, culminating in the production of the ideal biosensor. Despite that being our ultimate goal, we have plenty else to take away from our 10-month long experience. Not only will we learn to work effectively together as a team, we will also be facing numerous challenges along the way, some of which will push us to the intellectual and technical limits of our abilities. The drive to overcome these issues will simply grow and flourish as we go on, allowing us to truly explore the depths of our respective fields in search of the optimal solutions and answers. In essence, we will be growing academically, professionally and personally together in the pursuit of a common shared goal. It will be one hell of a ride and we all enthusiastically await the day when we are finally able to present the fruits of our labour to you this coming autumn in Eindhoven. Till that day however, we will be hard at work perfecting and enhancing our design until we are certain we have something great on our hands!

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  • Time To Result
  • Correlation Scatter
  • Dose Response
Contact info

Email: Uppsala.sensus@gmail.com

Website: http://sensusuppsala.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UppsalaSensUs/

Photo by: Bart van Overbeeke

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