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We are Trusense and we are representing Zhejiang University (ZJU), China in SensUs 2018. We are feeling great to participate in this pro-innovation competition. It’s the first time for us to compete with other teams in SensUs and we hope it would be a sweet start, not only for us but for you all who are interested in the field of translational science.

The name of our team is derived from the motor of our university “seeking the truth and pioneering new trails”. It is also our vision for the biosensor that we are going to present, providing accurate information to those in need.

We are a team mostly composed of basic biology majored students. We were a little bit worry about it at first for we had never designed a biosensor on our own before, but we finally overcame the difficulties and made it! We appreciate the opportunity to contribute in the translational science community. We believe that the world is trying to change one’s fate with technology and what we are doing is trying to measure life with color.

We’re looking forward to communicating with and learning from our peers all over the world. See you in Eindhoven this September!

  • Sample Volume
  • Time To Result
  • Correlation Scatter
  • Dose Response
Contact info

Contact Information for our team

E-mail: trusense@163.com

Contact Information for our sponsor, Beijing Kwinbon Biotechnology Co., Ltd.



E-mail: antibody@kwinbon.com

Photo by: Bart van Overbeeke

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